Surviving The Longest Work Day Ever…

Surviving The Longest Work Day Ever…

You’re looking at yet another 12-hour work day. You’ve moved beyond hangry, beyond needing a nap and your circadian rhythm is going bonkers. The smell of burnt coffee makes you want to hurl. Here are a few tips from Healthy Hemp energy to help you get through that impossible day.


Make sure to get enough sleep. The body restores itself when we are sleeping so it functions at its best the next day.  Get at least 6-7 hours.


That means drink plenty of water. It’s amazing how often people forget to do this. It’s helps alleviate headaches, muscles cramps and reduces that tired feeling.

Eat Nutrient Rich Foods

Even though your body will be looking for a quick fix due to the fatigue, don’t snack on junk food! Junking out will make your system crash an hour later and you will be even more tired. Instead, nosh on fruits, seeds & nuts, nut butter’s and veggies! Eat a healthy lunch that has a good balance of protein to veggie ratio and healthy fats. Your body will thank you for it.

…If you find yourself hitting that 8-hour mark and you begin feeling a little sluggish and a power nap is out of the question, consider taking a shot of our sugar free Healthy Hemp Energy boost. Hemp Juice is a nutrient dense super-food and the added caffeine should give you just what you need to help you get you to the finish line of the longest work day ever!

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  • Looking forward to receiving my 1st order of 3 cases! Thank you and congratulations on the “product distribution approval”, and best of luck in growing the company! Markus T

    • Great Markus! Please let us know how you like the product.

  • Just tried the product and it was Amazing!! It taste much better than the leading competitors! Good luck growing the company.

    Felipe Garcia

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