Maximize Your Next Move

Maximize Your Next Move

Whether or not you are on a budget, moving is a challenge. It can be an exciting time filled with new opportunities and change that often causes us to feel stressed out and exhausted. Here are a few tips from Healthy Hemp Energy to help you keep energized and on top of your move!

Clear out the clutter

Moving gives us a great opportunity to de-clutter. Before you start packing try to throw out what you don’t need. This will help cut moving costs down, reduce the hours involved with moving and create even more space(physically and emotionally) for new opportunities to come in. You may even be able to make some money! If you have more than you realized, consider having a garage sale, taking your things to a second hand store or donating items to charity for that much needed write off come tax season!

Plan ahead

If you have the luxury to plan ahead give yourself lots of leeway to help reduce the stress of moving. There are many websites that can help you organize your move! Take your time finding the right movers. Get referrals from friends and family or go to places like YELP.

Many movers will come to your house to do a free walk through and give you an estimate for your move. These estimates will include itemized lists of how many boxes and packing items you will need! Whether you use the mover or not, these lists are extremely helpful for planning your move.

Get plenty of rest

Efficient moving requires weeks of preparation. Make sure you get plenty of exercise, sleep and down time. Try to take extra special care of yourself. Hot baths, massage, meditation and walks in nature can help rejuvenate the immune system during the stressful time.

Proper nutrition is key

Don’t skip meals! Since you and your body are working over time it’s important to eat plenty of nutrient dense foods. Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water and grab a sugar free, Healthy Hemp Energy boost which naturally contains heart healthy omega 3’s and 6’s to help you keep going.

Good luck on your move! And don’t forget to #hempergize with Healthy Hemp Energy drink!

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